June 26, 2002

Added an improved method of integrating Visual Pinball into the EmuWizard front-end.  Thanks to Neil (Dire Radiant at alt.games.mame).

March 6, 2002

Added a link to a better shinyball image for pinball tables.  This was posted by Pinman on www.vpforums.com and I liked the ball so much I thought it should be preserved here.  The ball is originally from the "Playboy At Night" table by Guittar.  Thanks to Pinman and Guittar for the info.

Added commands for postitioning the DMD display and referenced the Interface.html file of VpinMAME.  Thanks to Tom for the Info.

Added information for setting PinLoader up with the EmuWizard frontend and added EmuWizard to the links page.  The link wasn't working when I tried it today, though :-(.  Thanks to JayD for the info.

February 26, 2002

There is now one batch file for all flavors of Windoze.  Also, table names can once again contain spaces in Win2K.  Thanks to Ed at Arcade FX, )p(, and Bill Sellers for the info.

Added links to ArcadeFX, Player Up, and Mamu's Icons.

February 23, 2002

You downloaded this within the first four days!!!  Didn't you learn anything from Bill Gates???

Changed the *.bat files to move the vp.exe call after the start table call.  This is required for Win2K and will work either way in Win98.  The batch files still don't work under Win2K, though :-(  Thanks to ArcadeFX@move360media.com for the info.

Added a note that under Win2K, the Start line in the batch file cannot contain quotes and the *.vpt file name cannot contain spaces.   Thanks also to ArcadeFX@move360media.com for the info.

Added steps to check 'ignore MAME.cfg", uncheck "unavailable games warning" and check "Switch play game hot-key" when setting up EL.  Thanks to Jase for the tip.  Actual changes are located here.

Added a troubleshooting section to the write-up.

February 19, 2002

A new page is born.  I hope you have as much fun playing with it as I did making it.  Special thanks to )p(, Buzz-Dat, Ciro, and KC.  Enjoy!