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November 2, 2001

Added a link to Eldio's page for the control panel archive maintained by Smitdogg.

Replaced the Super Qix control panel with a better one.
Added Super Zaxxon.
Added Zaxxon.

October 25, 2001

Added Discs Of Tron.
Added a Pac-Land marquee with different colors and a new generic Pac-Land marquee.
Added Tetris (Atari).
Added links for Tetris (Sega).
Added a generic Tiger-Heli control panel.

October 20, 2001

Added a better Choplifter control panel.
Added Choplifter instructions.
Added a new generic Pac-Land marquee.

October 18, 2001

Updated the link to Eldio's marquee page yet again.

Replaced the Tiger-Heli cabinet with a better one.
Added Time Pilot.
Added Tron.
Brushed the following marquees: 1942 (Generic), Gyruss (Centuri), Jr. Pac-Man (large), Jr. Pac-Man (small), Millipede, Millipede (alt), Ms. Pac-Man Deluxe, Ms. Puckman, Multipac, Pac-Land (Alternate), Pac-Land (Generic) Piranha (alternate), Piranha (other alternate), Puckman (generic), Q-bert, Space Invaders (Taito) (Alternate), Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Super Pac-Man, Tempest (lighted), Tiger-Heli (Yellow), and Tiger-Heli (Green).

September 22, 2001

Clean-up revision. No new games added. (Well, Space Invaders Part II, but that fits in with the other Space Invaders pages.) Here are the highlights:

First, all cabinet and control panel images now have a black background .JPG in addition to the white background image. This should make the images more useful for MAME32 Users. Personally, I still like the white background cabinet images, but I like the black background control panel images. Note that these files will still need to be resized and (maybe) converted to .PNG for MAME32 use. I recommend Irfanview (www.irfanview.com) for this

Reviewed Onxy's newest images and added the latest ones. Reviewed www.arcadecollecting.com/caga.html and added many improved images. Thanks to Kevin Greene for the link. Reviewed Eldio's marquees and added some new ones.

EmuLoader Version 2.6 Final and up supports transparent .GIF's!!!

Now the individual changes:

Changed fonts to make the page (hopefully) more readable. Fixed a bad link to the F images page. Corrected the link to Eldio's marquee page.
Revised the text on the home page and the Image Guidelines page.
Added 1942 (Euromax) marquee and a generic 1942 marquee.
Replaced the 1942 Williams marquee with a better one.
Added an additional generic Arkanoid marquee.
Replaced the Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH control panel image with a better one.
Replaced the Asteroids cabinet image with a better one.
Added another version of the BattleZone marquee (inspired by Eldio). Replaced the BattleZone instructions with a composite image showing both the bezel and control panel instructions.
Replaced the Centipede marquee with a better one.
Added a high-res Choplifter marquee and a generic Choplifter marquee and a Choplifter (Taitel) marquee.
Replaced the Defender marquee with a better one. Added Defender instructions.
Replaced the Empire Strikes Back cabinet with a better one.
Replaced the Frogger marquee with a better one.
Added a high-res Galaga marquee (the old one has too much character to delete). Added Galaga instructions.
Added Galaxian upright instructions and Galaxian cocktail instructions.
Added a generic Gun.Smoke marquee and a Euromax Gunsmoke marquee.
Added a Gyruss (Konami) marquee.
Replaced the Jr. Pac-Man (Regular) marquees with a better one. Brushed the Jr. Pac-Man (Cabaret) marquee to remove wrinkles. Revised the Jr. Pac-Man instructions from two separate images to one composite image. This will be the default format for instructions images.
Added a new hi-res Millipede Marquee. This one has a purple marquee background instead of the more common teal. Might be from a cocktail game (?). If anyone has any accurate info/guesses about this, please E-mail
Added an alternate Missile Command marquee. Thanks Eldio.
Brushed the Ms. Pac-Man cabinet images to remove water spots. Replaced the Ms. Pac-Man marquee with a better one. Added a Ms. Pac-Man cabaret marquee. Gave DJ*Subzero proper credit for the Ms. Pac-Man control panel image, and added Ms. Pac-Man instructions.
Brushed the Pac-Land cabinet and marquee images. Added alternate and generic Pac-Land marquee images.
Replaced the Pac-Man marquee with a better one. Added a black background Pac-Man marquee. Added upright and cocktail Pac-Man instructions.
Brushed the Pac-Man Plus cabinet to remove graffitti. Brushed the Pac-Man Plus marquee to improve colors. Added the Pac-Man control panel to the Pac-Man Plus page, since this was a conversion and did not have a unique control panel.
Added a Pac-Mania (Euromax) marquee.
Replaced the Paperboy marquee with a better one.
Brushed the middle Piranha marquee.
Brushed the Puc-Man marquee.
Brushed the Puckman (Generic) instructions.
Added a cleaned-up version of the Puckman (Kenphone) marquee. This file was provided by Eldio.
Brushed the Qix marquee. Added an alternate Qix marquee.
Mildly cropped the Sky Shark marquee.
Replaced the Space Invaders (Midway) control panel with a better one. Replaced the Space Invaders (Midway) instructions with a better one and added hi-score instructions. (I know the instructions say "Taito", but they seem to fit better here. I think the high score may be from the cocktail game.)
Brushed the Space Invaders (Taito) (Alternate) marquee and deleted the .GIF version. Replaced the Space Invaders (Taito) control panel with a better one.
Deleted the Space Invaders Deluxe Instructions as they didn't really fit. Added a note to Check Space Invaders Part II (Japanese version of the same game) for similar instructions.
Added Space Invaders Part II cabinet and Instructions.
Replaced the Star Castle cabinet with a better one. Deleted the low-res Star Castle Cabinet. Added the Rock-Ola Star Castle button labels because I thought they were cool.
Added side and front Super Cobra cabinet images.
Brushed the Super Pac-Man cabinet to remove waterspots.
Added a full cabinet Super Qix image. Retained the old image, both because it uses the more accurate marquee and because these are the only two cabinet images of this game I have ever found.
Brushed the Tempest cabinet to remove scratches. Replaced the Tempest marquee with a better one.
Added a reference entry for Tempest Tubes.
Replaced the Tiger-Heli control panel with a better one.

August 10, 2001
The world (or at least the arcade game enthusiasts) has waited long enough. A new website is born! This is my first attempt at HTML, so bear with me. Hopefully this site will be updated often and be very useful so enjoy the site and check back often.

Credits are too numerous to mention, but I need to at least thank KillerClown for providing the webspace, along with support, and putting up with my dumb questions. Also, I would like to thank Brian (www.klov.com) and oNyX and especially, anyone who shares a love of arcade games and has posted the originals of these images on a website somewhere.

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