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These images came from all over the Internet. The majority of them came from E-bay. Where possible, I have tried to give credit to the source of the images. However, I collected many of these images before I ever had any plans to use these images for a website. If you know that an image is yours and I have not given credit for it, let me know and I will credit you for it. If you do not want your name or E-mail address mentioned on this page, let me know and I will remove it. (I don't have any kind of tracking database, so you may need to tell me all the places where I have given you credits. Additionally, E-bay seller ID's change frequently and I don't plan to monitor and change these as they are updated. If I have given you image credit and you change your seller ID and want the credits changed and send me a list of what pages the old credits appear on, I will do what I can to make the changes.

Note that my giving credit to an E-bay seller here is neither an endorsement for, nor a recommendation against, the seller. It basically just means that this seller at one time had a video game in decent shape externally, a better than average digital camera, and access to a decent amount of web space.

As far as I am concerned, any images on this site are free for any use, public or private. (Of course, I would prefer that you not use one of these images to represent your Pac-Man arcade game which you are selling on E-bay after you sold off the monitor and the rest of it burned in a garage fire, but that is a matter of your conscience). Of course having said that, it raises the question of whether I can grant this license, so . . .

It is my interpretation that all of these images were taken out of the public domain and are therefore made freely available on this site. Furthermore, I have spent considerable effort to ensure that the images available are of the highest quality possible, thus most images displayed are significantly different from the original images that they are derived from.

If you own legal copyright to any of these images or the material portrayed and you feel your rights have been infringed, please provide substantiation of same, and I will see that the affected images are promptly removed.

I would not expect anyone to be upset about these images being displayed, especially since these images do not contain backdrops or anything which might identify the original owners. However, if you do hold the rights to the original image and you do want it removed, notify me and I will take it down and try to replace it.

I will occassionally (and only on request) provide the original (unedited) images to other users for them to edit. If you don't mind the edited image being available on the site, but don't want your originals distributed, I will make arrangements to see that this does not occur.

If you need to contact me regarding any of these issues, send me an E-mail.

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