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This site contains high-resolution Cabinet, Marquee, and Control Panel images suitable for use in Front-ends for arcade emulation programs or general use. I am also including links to other web sites providing images required for front-ends.


These images represent the best available images I have found at this time. All images are edited to remove backgrounds and suitable for use in MAME front-ends and MAME32. I will be updating the images often. (Note that the images will probably look better in any other program than they do in an internet browser. The images consist of the following types:

Cabinets and Control Panels - These are saved as JPG’s and GIF files. The JPG’s are ultra high-res and have a white or black background. The images are cropped very close to the cabinet, so background area is minimal. The GIF files are limited to 256-color and therefore are not as detailed as the JPG’s, however they have transparent backgrounds which means they will display very nicely in a front end which supports GIF images or for use on a web page. In a very few cases, some images were rectangular and don't have backgrounds, and were therefore saved as .JPG's only.

Marquees and Control Panel Instruction Images - Generally, these are rectangular and are saved as .JPG's only. In a few cases, it was impossible to crop the files to a rectangle without losing too many details, so I have saved the files as cropped .JPG's, backfilled .JPG's, and transparent background GIF's.

Ideally, only one high-quality image of each type per game is included. However, in some cases, when I had a low-res full cabinet image and a high-res 3/4 height cabinet image (or if I just couldn't decide which I liked better) I have included multiple images. When I couldn't decide between images, the one I preferred appears in the higher position on the page.


Click on the Images tab above to go to the list of images. Click on the letter tab to go to games starting with that letter. Click the link in the table to go to the image. Click the image to view full screen. Right-click and select "save as" to download any image.

HELPFUL HINTS - I have typically used the KLOV game names (where applicable). All images (marquee, cabinet, etc,) for a particular game appear on the same page so you don't have to keep flipping back to the index if you want all images. You can right click the thumbnails without enlarging them and the full scale image will still be saved.

The following color coding and subjective grading scale is used in the image index:

Image Type Notes
Link Image is verified to look acceptable in Emuloader at 1024x768 resolution with stretch on, on a 21-inch screen. These images contain full cabinet views and full side art with minimal tearing or signs of abuse. I am satisfied with these images (but will include better images if anyone submits them.)
Link Image is missing side art or is low resolution or not full cabinet. I am actively seeking better images.
Link Image is the only one I could find. It may be 3/4 view and may be low-res. I am actively seeking better images.
NS Not available and seeking image.
NN Not available and not looking for (but will include if anyone submits one).

The goal is to have all table entries with a green background ;-)


I hope to make this the best site for marquee, cabinet, and control panel artwork, but it's still a WIP. Here is where to look for images that I don't have!

MAMEWorld - http://www.mameworld.info/

For all arcade cabinet images and to buy items like these - Try E-bay under collectables/coin-operated/coin-op/arcade at http://listings.ebay.com/aw/listings/list/all/category13715/index.html


This is the most uninteresting section of the entire website. However, I felt I should say something about this, so click here to read the information.


Glad you asked!!! There are several things that will help this project tremendously.

First, I can be contacted by E-mail.

If you find any bad links or images that don't appear correctly, let me know! Also, this is my first attempt at HTML, so any suggestions to improve the site will be welcome.

If you have access to edited images that are better quality or not included on this site, please see the Image Guidelines, and send them to me and I will add them to the site.

If you have image editing experience and think you could improve some of the images on the site, contact me and I will send you the original images for editing.

If you know of a website with good quality arcade images, or you have access to unedited images that I don't have (or are better), send the link or the files to me. However, I currently have more images to clean up than I can get to, so it may take me awhile to add your images.

What's New | Images | Image Guidelines