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01-29-2004   The MK64 is no longer availible for sale. Sorry for any inconvenience.

07-28-2003 The MK64 special has expired. Cable kits B and C now have 6 foot RS232 cables and 1.5' MK64 to RS232 ribbon cables. Due to my generosity and the fact that it helps my sales, I'm continuing my $5 per MK64 donation to BYOAC website for the rest of the year. Coming very soon,!

07-13-2003 I moved my site to my geocities account. It's good because it's free, but I'm sorry about the ads there. BTW: I don't get any money from the ads.

07-01-2003 During the month of July, I will donate $5 to the BYOAC website for every MK64 sold (new and classic models).

06-01-2003 During the month of June, I will donate $5 to the BYOAC website for every MK64 sold (new and classic models).

05-04-2003 The MK64 has six new features and the MK40 has been discontinued.

02-25-2003  The MK40 wiring kits have been discontinued. All MK64 options are still available. Most options have lower prices.

06-05-2002  Now offering the "MK64 Special". Its a MK64 with wiring for your control panel using color coded quick disconnecting RS232 cables.

02-09-2002  The MK support programs will now work with Windows NT, 2000, & XP. On 95% of the computers it will be just as fast. A few computers will need a small delay added (see readme.txt file in the download zip). NT style support is possible because of a driver available from

10-28-2001  Wiring Kits are now available for sale, don't miss the introductory price period. The shipping cost has been increased by one dollar.

09-29-2001  Released new versions of all the support programs (except Revision) to be compatible with the few computers that didn't work well.

09-09-2001  Released WRITERAM program. This program writes to the MK's internal RAM.

07-11-2001  Four more keys have been added to the KEYMAP program (v1.12). They are  LEFTWIN, RIGHTWIN, TASKBAR, & PRINTSCRN.

07-09-2001  The cost of the MK encoders have been reduced by $5.00 and the warrantee and money back guarantee periods have been extended.

01-29-2001  Added some command line switches to KeyMap (see expanded readme file for details). Released ReadID (reads control panel ID for multiple panel systems) & AuxOut (Controls the two auxiliary output lines) programs.

12-07-2000  Made a download page that doesn't require holding the shift key or right clicking, but there will be a Geocities ad on this page.

12-04-2000  Intest bugs fixed and keymap speed improved.

11-30-2000  InTest diagnostic program that aids in verifying and troubleshooting your control panel wiring and switches was released